Four visitors denied entry to Canberra prison in police operation

2020-02-28 04:40:15    阅读:490711

Four visitors to Canberras prison were denied entry to the jail following a police operation on Sunday. The searches at

the Alexander Maconochie Centre was

a joint operation with ACT Policing and ACT Corrective Services, searching, visitors and cars coming into the prison. An A

CT police spokesman said searches were carried out over four hours on Sun

day aft


noon. During the operation, officers searched 64 |9年o117期马会传真 visitors and 39 vehicles entering the site. Of those, four visitors were denied entry to the prison, although AC

T police did not say why the visitors were barred from the site. A further 134 breath-tests and 21 drug tests on drivers were als

o carried out in the operation. One driver tested positive to methamphetamine, while two unregistered vehicles were identified. One de

fect notice was also issued. The search outside the prison comes weeks after the prison was sent into its first state of emergency after a hole was cut in the perim

eter fence and contraband thrown into the prison. The state of emergency triggered a lockdown at the site and prisoners were kept in their

cells for 23 hours a day. A number of contraband items were found by prison staff during the lock

down, includ

ing sy

ringes, knives, needles, mobile phones, USBs and drug paraphernalia. The lockdown lasted for almost a week. A recent review o

f Canberras prison listed 73 recommendations for the jail more and better-trained staff, upgrades to security and a need to raise education and training outcomes for prisoners.