Japanese Floating Drone Helping Astronauts on ISS

2020-02-28 04:21:42    阅读:517910

Japans space agency has released photos and videos taken on board the International Space Station (ISS) by its grapefruit-size

d robot drone.

The drone, called Internal Ball C

amera (or Int-Ball), can be maneuvered by con

trollers and researchers from Earth, according a press release from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The camera-equipped Int-Ball has glowing b

lue eyes, weighs 2.2 pounds and c|9年o112期马会传真 an move in any direction. It was created to help take videos o

f astronauts work and experiments and send them back to the ground. JAXA says the Int-Ball can help cut astronauts working hours by up to 10%. JAXA hopes to upgrade Int-Ball in the future so that

it can check on the ISSs supplies and help diagnose onboar

d problems, Japan Times reports Contact us at editors@time.com.