Boston Dynamics Robot Giraffe Does Chores Around House

2020-02-27 05:36:39    阅读:181630

Spot the robotic dog now has a smaller and

more flexible cousin.  The Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamics just revealed its SpotMini: a sh

orter version of the computerized pup with a neck that extends like that of a giraffe. The robot weighs 55 pounds and can run for 90 minutes on a single charge depending on the task its

handling. Boston Dynamics demo video shows SpotMini using its long neck to dispose of trash and reach household items like dishes in a dishwasher. When it slipped on a banana peel, the bo

t was even able to lift itself back onto its feet using its neck for support.   


 Boston Dynamics via YouTube    

 SpotMini is the latest animal-inspired robot from Boston Dyn

amics; in t

he past, its created bot

s that resemble cheetahs, dogs, and reindeer. Googles parent company Alphabet is said to be selling off Boston Dynamics, according to Bloomberg, after acquiring 

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