'Appalling misogynist': Malcolm Turnbull unloads on shock jock Alan Jones

2020-02-24 01:31:03    阅读:254153

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has unloaded on 2GB radio shock jock Alan Jones, calling the commentator an "appalling misogynist" whose use of violent language against women politicians was disgraceful. Jones on Friday issued an apology to New Zealands Prime Minister Jacinda Arden for urging Scott Morrison to "shove a sock" down the throat of his Kiwi counterpart to silence her climate change stance. Jones comments on Thursday sparked a furious backlash, including from Prime Minister Morrison, who said the comment was "way out of line". Speaking on the ABCs Radio National Drive program on Friday, Mr Turnbull, who has regularly clashed with Jones白小姐六肖选一肖中特 , lashed out at the

shock jock. "His pattern of using abusive and violent language against women, particularly women politicians, is disgraceful," Mr Turnbull said. "He is an appalling misogynist in the way he talks about women - this is the man who said that Julia Gillard should be put in a chaff bag and dropped off the Heads, then he goes on to urge Morrison to shove a sock down Jacinda Arderns throat. "I mean this is appalling language - and at a time when we are doing everything we can as a national priority to stamp out violence against women and children, you have this broadcaster who uses the language of violence against wome

n as part of his regular rhetoric. "It is disgraceful." Mr Turnbull declined to say if Jones should

be taken off-air, saying that it was a matter for his employers. Prior to Mr Turnbulls comments, Jones "called in" to 2GBs Drive program to say he had written to Jacinda Ardern and say he was sorry. "I would never wish her any harm and I would always wish her the best," Jones said. "My comments, nonetheless, were careless and they should have been, I think, more clearly thought and to that extent, I have erred and made a mistake. "Now when you do that youve got to be man enough to simply say I was wrong and I apologise - I have done that to her several hours ago." Mr Turnbull and Jones have long clashed over climate change, beginning when Mr Turnbull was leader of the Liberal Party in 2009 before he was removed because he wanted the Opposition to support the carbon trading scheme proposed by the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Mr Turnbull blames Jones and se

veral other Sky and News Corp commentators for his removal as prime minister in 2018.