Nintendo Switch Production to Double After Strong Sales

2020-02-19 03:45:04    阅读:557708

Nintendo is planning to double production of its Switch console, which launched on March 3, due to high demand, the Wall Street Journ

al reports. Altho三d布衣正版中天图库 ugh Nintendo had initially intended to manufacture eight million Switch

consoles, the company is said to produce 16 million during the fiscal year starting in April 2017. That means Nintendo is hoping to sell more than 10 million Switches in a 12-month period, according to the Journa

l.

eview: The Switch is the N

intendo System Weve Bee

n Waiting For Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently told TIME that within five days of availability, the

Switch had cemented itself as the fastest-selling system the company has ever had in the United States a much-needed success fol

lowing t

he Wii U. Nintendos

previous generation console, launched in 2012, is said to have been the companys slowest selling console eve

r. Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has previously said the company will ship two million units globally this month, but the Journal says that number will likely be closer to 2.5 mill

ion. The success comes even though

the Switchs roster of games available at launch is notably slimmer than the

selection that was available for the Wii U upon its release. In response to TIMEs request for comment, Nintendo said it doesnt have any updates to share regarding production plans for the Switch.  The Sw

itch, which was sold out at many retailers as far back as January, also comes off the success of Nintendos NES Classic. Despite supply shortages, the company sold 1.5 million units of it revamped retro console as of February 2017. Contact us at