Pew: About 36% of Americans Don't Own a Smartphone

2020-02-23 09:39:52    阅读:385790

A new report from Pew Research Center takes a sobering look at why many Americans just cant be without their smartphones. Many Americans need yes, need their phones to access the Internet, according to Pews survey of U.S. adult smartphone owners, published Wednesday. About 7% of respondents said they required their phone to go online since they did not have broadband or any other options for Internet access. The most total smartphone-dependent Americans, as

Pew termed this category, tended to be in low-income and non-white groups:  Pews survey also

found the 36% of U.S. adults didnt own a smartphone, suggesting how millions of Americans, believe it or not, are getting by just fine without their Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. In fact, most smartphone owners can complete tasks just fine when their phones arent by their sides: Related Stories    Tech  The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Is the Perfect Phone for Writers, Note-Takers and Scribblers 


 Tech Samsung's Note 10 and Even Bigger Note 10 Plus Are Here. Are They the Giant Android Phones for You?  But in the end, Americans probably wont ditch their smartphones if they dont have to. Though about half of respondents said their phones made them feel distracted, the overwhelming majority also said their phones made them feel happy and productive.   That love-hate relationship might be why some scientists believe cell phone addiction is real and also why some research shows you that it might actually be beneficial to always have your phone. In that case, everyone needs their phones. See the Photos Apple Featured in Its iPhone Ad Campaign     BART Train toward San Francisco  Klodjana Dervishi   

 Kototoi Bridge in Tokyo  Jun Imaizumi   Inle Lake in Shan State, Myanmar Francis Olarte    The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong Kinyat Chan    Takachiho Gorge in Kyushi, Japan  Gayle Tan

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