Mexico's Top Cop Says He Was an Undocumented Worker in U.S.

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Mexicos top cop, whos pledged to weed out criminals in migrant caravans, has his own history of working illegally in the U.S. On two occasions Public Security Minister Alfonso Dura

zo crossed into the U.S. to wash dishes and cars without documentation, he told a group of business leaders, Mexicos La Jornada newspaper reported. Durazos press office confirmed the statements. Durazos past isnt unusual. But the fact that the very person in charge of patrolling caravans in Mexico worked undo

cumented shows how pervasive such migration has been in recent decades. It may be one of the star

kest reality checks for U.S. President Donald Trumps demand that caravans be stopped altogether or hell close the border and stop aid. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pledged to fight illegal immigration by aiding Central American nations in improving conditions in their countries, and hes offered to help migrants find jobs in Mexico. Hes declined to respond to Trumps threats. His interior minister, Olga Sanchez, warned last week she has information about the creation of a new migrant caravan of more than 20,000 people from Honduras, Mexican newspaper El Universal reported. Related Stories    

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      Durazo pledged at the event in Sonora that he wouldnt allow people with criminal records to remain in the caravans, according to La Jornada. Afterward he told reporters that several law enforcement agencies will be monitoring caravan members. There will be intelligence work shared by several agencies and anyone who isnt participating in the caravan

in an orderly way, who isnt registered, well help them go to the National Immigration Institute to regulate their stay in the country, Durazo said, according to a recording of his statement sent by his press office. Contact us at