MZ Wallace and Glenn Ligon Collectible Benefits the Studio Museum of Harlem

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New Yorkers have at their disposal an arsenal of highly functional bags and totes stamped wi

th the name of favorite museums, bookstores, and art fairs. While such accessories may emphasize nonchalant style and a commitment to eco-fri

endliness or advertise elite memberships, buying one doesn’t necessarily change the environment. The MZ Wallace and Glenn Ligon Metro Tote does

both. As a collaboration between designers Monica Zwirner, Lucy Wallace Eustice and artist Glenn Ligon, the tote delivers quiet, utilitarian functionality and

urbane appeal in quilted silk satin. 100% of the proceeds from

sales will benefit The Stu

dio Museum in Harlem’s educational program such as its Expanding the Walls, an 8 month 香港赛马会时间2017 long teen photography program culminating in an exhibition.Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice foun

ded MZ Wallace in 1999. Over the years the design duo has rolled

out a series of coveted bags, totes and backpacks for urbankind. Lightweight and unisex in gray, black and white, the Studio Museum tote is

“appealing in its simplicity,” says Ms. Eustice. “And it’s great for tra

velling as you can flat pack it.”For the print, Glenn Ligon provided text from I Am Someb

ody (1991) whose letters are faint, rubbed out, and faded like overprinted negative film. “It has been a new in my experience working with a fashion company,” says Mr

. Ligon, who has exhibited widely internationally and at the I

nstitute of Contemporary Arts in Philadelphia, The Studio Museum and his work has figured in several editions of the Whitney Biennial. “It is recognizably MZ Wallace and Glenn Ligon,” adds Ms. Eustice.$225. Available at MZ and The Store at The Studio Museum in Harlem and at Limited run while supplies last.