Disney didn't push for Frozen sequel: producer

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As Disney gears up for the premiere of blockbuster Frozens sequel, its producer said the team was never

pressured by the studio into creating a follow-up to the movie"I can say for certain the company didnt push us, this came from the filmmakers really wanting to go back into the world," Peter Del Vecho, Oscar winner for best animated film, said"Originally when we came out of Frozen we had started developing another movie, unrelated to Frozen, it wasnt until we started to miss those characters and felt there was more story to tell that we went for it," the filmmaker, who also produced The Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh,

addedWhen the team decided it was the right time to delve back 

into the Frozen world, the studio was happy but there was no pressure to start producing a s

equel until the team felt it was ready, he addedFrozen (2013), by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee (who returned for the sequel), took nearly $1.3 billion worldwide and became the highest-grossing animated film in history after The Lion King, also a Disney production, which made over $1.6 billionIn the first Frozen movie, Princess Anna struggles to end a curse that has plunged her kingdom into an eternal winterWhilst trying to restore normality she is also helping her sister, newly crowned Queen Elsa whose peculiar powers mean everything she touches turns to iceIn the teasers that the press has been able to see for the sequel, Elsa is drawn to voices that encourage her to unravel mysteries from her pastTo achieve this, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery towards the unknown in enchanted forests and dark seas joined by Anna and the rest of the charactersDuring this voyage, the Kingdom of Arendelle is under threat againAfter the launch of Frozen a short movie Frozen Fever was released in 2015, which got people excited over a sequel, Del Vecho admittedThe producer traveled to several Nordic and Scandinavian countries seeking inspiration for the landscapes featured in the movie"That was the genesis of the new idea," Del Vecho said"We kept asking ourselves questions of what could be next and once we realize that Oh my god there is so much more story to tell then we began developing it and bringing the crew together." When asked what the movie is about the producer said that the crux of the narrative is family and relationships and how they change over timeAnd like any good sequel worth its salt, viewers can expect an even bigger show with a more epic tone and a new music score"We wanted to tell a bigger story we didnt just want a retelling of Frozen I," the filmmaker said"It had to have a purpose so both in terms of the story itself we really dug deeper into where they are in their lives and that translated into going on a journey that was far beyond where they had gone before." One of the most spectacular scenes of the film, featured in the trailer, promises to be the one in which Elsa faces the force of the ocean and tries to overcome the waves using her powers with ice"We dont see Elsa so much as a superhero, shes a human obviously with extraordinary powers nobody else has magical ice powers in our world," he continued"But her powers are limited and part of that sc

ene against the ocean is to show the power of nature and how her powers are dwarfed by t神武打一肖 he immense power of nature itself"The other important thing is that she runs into that water twice and the reason why we put that there is that even Elsa doesnt always succeed the first time"Whats more important is that she learns from when she didnt and thats the important message." Frozen also won the Oscar for the best original song for Let it go and Del Vecho said viewers will enjoy songs that are just as catchy in Frozen II"The good thing we know is we sing these songs ourselves and the crew is singing them and thats the same thing that happened with Frozen I so which song I dont know but obviously Into the Unknown is very powerful," he saidThe movie hits cinema screens worldwide on 20 November