The Men of Fashion Week

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Chai hosted a

bevy of Power Gays at his Lincoln Center show, notably: Interview's Miguel Enamorado, Mugler's Nicola F

ormichetti, and Neiman Marcus

executive Ken Downing.“Is there an editor from GQ or Esquire not present? Wait! Which one is that? Is he the not gay one?” questioned an obviously clueless scenester...Blasberg earns The Observer's biggest eye-roll... but plus two points for having hot-stuff Delevigne on your arm... Then again this scene-queen always has some "it girl" or model a

stone's throw away. Minus five points! Nice varsity jacket...“Look at Ladyfag in her fabulous fox fur,” coo-ed

one assistant editor in the nose-bleed section… The real question is: What did Bry

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think of our stupendous front-pager?!AdvertisementWe’ve never seen Mickey with a beanie on… mmmmk Mr. Boardman!

Who ever is the first to spot Hamish Bowles groovin' to the beat in a corner of Le Baron this weekend-- wins a prize!AdvertisementThey would make the perfect pansexual couple n'est-ce pas?Perhaps the most goth in a sea of dandies and urbane princes He's gotthe charm and art-house film-sex appeal to woo man, woman, and beastAdvertisementObserverSlideshow|List- / 11BackRichard Chai had a few things going for him on day one of fashion week. Foremost, he worked the denim and blue utility angle to solid results with his menswear; mixing in study car coats and an interesting selection of


eel/charcoal color-block separates. His Love by Richard Chai line for women, shown intermittently, was a bit rosier, with floral merlots and boho flares… Not exactly to our liking—but wait a minute! The Observer did a double take after a quick scan of the Stage venue at Lincoln Center. “There are more Power Gays in this room than at Le Bain on a Thursday night in September!” cried one friend seated next to us. A discussion of who exactly attends these downtown men’s runways shows? ensued A few hours later, The Observer barreled very late into Industria Super Studio, for Duckie Brown’s fall/winter 2012 show. A similar flock of gents gathered to support designers, Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, who showed trousers, suits and coats in smoky colors that came in e

xaggerated proportions below the waist. Being the all-knowing pub

lication that we are, we naturally scrutinized the bejesus out of each look! (Clothe151期高清跑狗图 s which commoners, thankfully, can only dream to afford.) But distraction is all too easy in a room of perfectly coiffed bon vivants.Who are these men of mystery, prancing about town from show to show?To complement all the silly fuss over the women of fashion week, we’ve amassed an edited list of who to expect—seated front and center— at the men’s shows. Warning: They primp and preen just as much as the ladies!