McDonald's Is First Major Company to Partner With Pokemon Go

2020-02-28 05:01:15    阅读:059846

Dont want to stop catching Pokmon even for a snack break? McDonalds wants to make sure some users of the wildly popu

lar Pokmon Go game dont have to. The home of the golden arches will become the first major company to partner with Ni

antic, the developer behind Pokmon Go, the Associated Press reports. Although the game s

till hasnt launched in Japan, thats where the Mc

Donalds collaboration is set to take place. The chains restaurants will

be important locations for players there, the Wall Street Journal repo

rted. McDonalds confirmed

the collaboration in a statement after an email about the deal was leaked and news reports sparked speculation. All of the excitement around t


Japanese launch of Pokmon Go combined with the McDonalds news caused the launch to be delayed t

his week.   Other businesses such as restaurants a

nd bars have taken advantage of the game by buying lures, an in-app feature that attracts Pokmon and customers to a specific location. Once the game launches in Japan and its McDonalds partnership is up and runni

ng, a whole lot of

new people will be able

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