New Oral Cancer Drug from Loxo Oncology Has Trial Success

2020-02-28 04:00:32    阅读:298243

Results from a small|o9期跑狗图 trial of a new oral cancer drug have shown preliminary success, and shares for the company that makes it have already spiked in response. The drug, larotrectinib, worked across various different cancers in bo

th adults and children, acco

rding to the results. The study

of 55 patients was presented at the American Society of Clin

ical Oncologys (ASCO) Annual Meeting on Sunday but it has not yet been peer reviewed, according to ASCO.

 Seventy-six percent of patients with 17 different types of cancer had tumor shrinkage, and after 12 months, 79% of the responsive patients did not report cancer progression. That does not mean that it improved the lifespan

of or the quality of life for the cance

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ents, as those were not the end results studied here. The company Loxo Oncology funded the study for its

drug, and i

ts stocks jumped by more than 40% by Monday, indicating investor excitement about a potential new cancer treatment.

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