Germany to repay customers of insolvent Thomas Cook

2020-02-27 03:52:32    阅读:503158

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany will give financial assistance to custo

mers hit by the in

solvency of Thomas Cook because the tour opera

tor’s insurance cover has proved insufficient, it said

on Wednesday. “Damages tha

t are not compensated by other parties will be settled by the federal government, it said in a statement, confirming a 

report by broadcaster ARD. Insurer Zurich’s (ZURN.S) liability is capped at 1

10 million euros ($121 million) but it has already registered claims worth 250 million and experts estimate tot

al claims will reach 300 million to 500 million euros, ARD said. A legal opini

on commissioned by Zurich conclu

ded that state liability is possible because the German government inad

equately implemente

d a

2015 EU directive meant to ensure customers get their

money back in the case of the insolvency of a tour operator, the r冠城大通蓝郡4期可以买吗 eport said.