The Best Way to Quit Your Smoking Habit

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If youre really committed to quitting smoking for goo香港曾道人马资料 d, its time to get tech-savvy. A new study published in the Centers for

Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report shows that people who use both phone hotlines and online cessation services to help them quit are much more likely to say theyve abstained from smoking compared to people who opt for just one or the other.  In general, smoking quitlines are proven to be successful interventions for smokers who want to kick the habit. They offer guidance, support and resources to keep quitters on track. Most quitlines also offer a web version of their services, but until now, it hasnt been clear that more information really is better. MORE: Heres the Best Way to Get Someone to Quit Smoking The new study suggests that it is. Researchers looked at 7,901 people who reported using either phone-only interventions, internet interventions only, or a combination of both. People who used both methods were significantly more likely to report they hadnt smoked in 3o days when researchers followed up with them. The researchers speculate that dual usage may improve a quitters likelihood of succeeding, possibly because theyre strongly committed to their goal. Related Stories


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Although telephone and Web-based interventions are effective in tobacco cessation, providing

access to multiple types of cessation services might improve the odds of users in achieving long-term cessation, the researchers write. The hope is that physicians will counsel patients on considering both interventions.

Our ever-connected climate may make this easier, and many public health initiatives are seeing success in sending educational text reminders. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is paying particular attention to how social media and cell phones can best be used

to help break addiction. In October, the NIH pledged $11 million to studying the use of social media to help understand, prevent and treat substance use and addiction.

So if youre ready to accept the challenge of going cigarette-free in 2015, set yourself up for success and log in. Contact us at