California firefighters ready to help Aust

2020-02-19 04:09:11    阅读:784975

One of Americas largest and most battle-hardened firefighting agencies stands ready to help their "Australian brother

s and sisters" if asked. Cal Fire, Californias main firefighting agency, is willing to send firefighters to Australia to help battle the catastrophic bushfires but the US government has not issued a request at the st

ate level. US federal agencies have answered Australias call by sendin

g more than 100 firefighters, including some from California. The Australian devastation has been a major news story in the US in the past week and Cal Fire took to Twitter to explain to concerned Californians why it has not deployed to Australia. "Having experienced firsthand the devasta

tion that wildfires can create, we share your concern about the wildfires currently ravaging Australia and are closely monitoring the situation," Cal Fire said on Twitter. "While we are ready to lend our support at any moment, it is strategically vital that we do not self-deploy and that we work with the international aide system." US and Australian firefighting agencies have built strong bonds w

ith exchanges of resources in times of n

eed over the past 15 years. Australian firefighters helped California when the state faced historic fires in the past two years. Cal Fire has 65002016马会生肖表图片 employees and the force jumps to 9000 with the addition of seasonal firefighters during the fire season. "We work closely with our Australian brothers and sisters in the fire service and will continue to foster our relationship and ongoing collaboration," Cal

Fire sa

id. "We stand with the people of Australia

who have supported us during our catastrophic wildfires and continue to stand ready to answer their call." Australian Associated Press