Uber Prices Triple In London During Transit Strike

2020-02-24 00:50:34    阅读:707699

A strike of Londons Underground workers Thursday led to Uber,

maybe unsurprisingly, trip

ling its fares due to high demand. The ride-sharing services surge pricing kicked in during the strike, going as high as three times the typical fare for a ride.  Uber defended the London price hikes, saying its pricing policy is fully transparent.  

Drivers wo小鱼儿玄机2站30中特 rk on the Uber platform on a completely flexible basis, as much or as little as they want, Ube

r said in a statement to Quartz. During times of peak demand fares increase temporarily to incentivise more drivers to work on the platform. Still, those on social media were quick to complain about the incident.  

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n the city, London made additional buses, bicycles, and riverboats available, Quartz reported. A

bout 4 million take the Underground in London each day, CNN said.  In t

he past, Uber has suspended surge pricing for certain event

s, including a New York City blizzard in January.   Contact us at editors@time.com.