Google's Earth Day Doodle Celebrates Nature's Diversity

2020-02-28 03:14:00    阅读:002378

To celebrate Earth Day 2019, Google has created a Doodle featuring fun facts about six fascinating creatures.  When you click on Sundays Earth Day Google Doodle, it zooms in to show some of the creatures that dwell on the Earths many different environments.   As the doodle zooms in from space, the first

animal you see is a wandering albatross, which has the widest wingspan of any living bird. Next, the doodle shows coastal redwoods- the tallest tree in the world. 

The doodle also zooms past the Paedophryne amauensis, the smallest frog and vertebrate, as well as the Amazon water lily, one of the biggest aquatic plants in the world




       Finally, the doodle shows Coelacanth a fish that is thought to be one of the oldest living species and finally the deep cave springtail, an

insect that is one of the deepest-dwelling terrestrial species on earth.    If any of these species are unfamiliar to you, theres an easy way to learn more- click on the Doodle and Google will direct you to additional information. 

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