Times Past: November 2, 1931

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This front page story of 1931 wasnt a Canber


story, but the quotes in it are too good to resist revisiting 88 years on

. Englishwoman Peggy Salaman was a "pretty, fair-haired 19-year-old debutante" who was about to fly a de Havilland Puss Moth all the way from England to Cape Town, South AfricaIt was to be a record breaking six-and-a-half-day flight, but Ms Salaman, who was reported to be "tired of living a life of luxury", didnt want too much of a fuss being

madeHer quotes to a journalist about her and her co-pilots "great adventure" stand the test of time: "We have two revolvers, an alarm

clock, and chewing 平特一肖是多少倍率的 gum to stop leakages in

the petrol tanks. We also have sun helmets and shorts. I am taking an evening gown to make whoopee in Cape Town, although I dont

like dancing, smoking, and other modern feminine crazes"I do not regard the fli

ght as extraordinary. Women have done far more courageous things. I am determined to do or die, but I am going to do."; Ms Sala

man certainly did, breaking the old record by more than a day. When she arrived in Cape Town she kept th

e papers happy with more wonderful lines. "I dont know whether Im on my head or

heels... after we left Juba (in South Sudan) we were forced to descend in the jungle owing to the darkness. We got clear in the morning, breaking the trees with revolver shots." She returned home to the UK carrying two adopted lion cubs. She hoped to give

one to a then five-year-old "Princess Betty". That would in time be Queen Elizabeth IISe

e: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/page/652368