The 15 Best Gifts for the James Bond in Your Life

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You may not be shopping for a real international spy this holiday season, but we all know one man who has a taste for the best. Whether it’s your father-in-law or special someone, here’s everything he’ll be wishing for this holiday seasonTUXEDO BEAR SWEAR by RALPH LAUREN – $395Every man’s favorite teddy bear has gone formal in this new sweater by Polo Ralph Lauren. Expect to see your 007 man sporting this jumper during aprs-ski in St. Moritz. Available here.Tuxedo Bear Sweat by Ralph Lauren (Photo courtesy

of Ralph Lauren).DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR by JATAI FEATHER FOR SALLY BEAUTY– $221.99This weighty stainless steel razor can be trusted in shaving the mos

t chiseled of jawlines.The cutting head fits together with exacting tolerances, while the top plate boasts corners that prevent the blade from shifting off center when locked in the razor to prevent uneven blade exposure on either side of the cutting head.Available h

ere.Double Edged Safety Razor by Jatai Feather for Sally Beauty (Photo courtesy of Sally Beauty).SUEDE “ANTHONY” LOAFERS by TO BOOT– $498For the su

ited man, a pair of comfortable monkstrap loafers, seen here in soft brown suede by To Boot, are a necessity whether he’s commuting to the office or chasing the bad guys. Available here.Suede “Anthony” loafers by To Boot (Photo courtesy of To Boot).THE YATESY PARKA by NOBIS – $1,095This man regularly battles the elements, and must do so in style with the help of this leightweight Nobis jacket stuffed with down and trimmed in Coyote fur.

Available here.The Yatesy Parka by Nobis. (Photo courtesy of Nobis)AUGMENTED PAPER by MONTBLANC – $680While it may appear to be a simple lined paper no

tebook and pen, the Montblanc StarWalk2016 62期老跑狗玄机图 er Ballpoint Pen paired with the brand’s “Augmented Paper” allows for digital access to handwritten notes through the use of the Montblanc Hub mobile app. Pressing one simple notes triggers a “digitizer” that sends the notes to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low energy for safe keeping of nuclear codes.Available here.Augmented Paper by Montblanc (Photo courtesy of Montblanc).KREWE SEERSUCKER TUXEDO by HASPELFor warm weather excursions, the original creator of seersucker, Hapsel, as dreamed up this peak lapel tuxedo meant to be worn in the casinos

of Macau or the lobby bars of Monte Carlo.Available here.Krewe Seersucker Tuxedo by Haspel. (Photo courtesy of Haspel)71/72 FRAGRANCE by FLORIS FOR TURNBULL & ASSER – $265Launched earlier this year, the new 71/72 fragrance is a collaboration between Turnbull & Asser owner James Fayed and head of design Dean Gomilsek-Cole, along with Mr Bodenham and Floris perfumer Penny Ellis. Only 200 bottles will be hand-poured and numbered by Ellis.Available here.71/72 Fragrance by Floris for Turnbull & Asser (Photo courtesy of Turnbull & Asser).THE STYLER by LG – $1,999For a quick refresh to his shirt

s and trousers, there’s the LG Styler, which can be integrated to any sprawling walk-in closet with ease without the use of water or detergents. Available here.The LG Styler (Photo courtesy of LG).JACK BLUE CAMO SWIMSU

IT by KATAMA – $336Male model Garrett Nef recently launched his own co

llection of Katama swimwear, named after his favorite beach in Martha’s Vineyard. Despite the cold season, 007 always needs a tailored pair of trunks for a tropical jaunt on a moment’s notice.Available hereJack Blue Camo Swimsuit by Katama. (Photo courtesy of Katama).MANHATTAN CHAIR by ERDOS – $1,395Bond may travel often, but his residence is well kept with furnishings like this mid-century modern chair by Erdos. Available here.The Manhattan Chair by Erdos (Photo courtesy of Erdos).LIMITED EDITION CANALI HEADPHONES by PRYMA

– $550The Italian suiting powerhouse teamed up with Pryma for a set of limited editi

on headphones available exclusively at Canali boutiques worldwide. Available here.Limited edition Canali headphones by Pryma (Photo courtesy of Pryma).A50 SET by RADEN – $595“This luggage went college,” Oprah recently proclaimed when she first encountered a set of Raden luggage, and it’s true. This isn’t your average black roller bag, as we investigated earlier this year. Available here.The A50 set by Raden (Photo courtesy of Raden).SPEAKERS by NAIM FOR BENTLEY MU-SO– $1,694Boasting 450 watts, 6 custom designed drivers and a powerful 32-bit processor, Naim allows high-resolution music streaming from virtually any source. Made exclusively for Bentley, comes in the Bentley-specific “Portland” colorway, and includes premium aluminum details to match the Naim for Bentley cabin grilles.Available here.Speakers by Naim for Bentley Mu-so (Photo courtesy of Bentley).ONE-OF-A-KIND

WINDBREAKERby EXKITE – $481For the off -duty 007, Exkite has devised a way to recycle parasails from Sardinia into one-of-a-kind jackets suitable for post-gym garb. Available here.One-of-a-kind windbreaker by Exkite (Photo courtesy of Exkite).BOTE SECRETS by JOSEPH DIRAND FOR PUIFORCAT – $11,500Known as the “box of secrets” this desk accessory designed by architect Joseph Dirand for Puiforcat is the latest addition to the “Bureau d’Architecte” series of pricy office accessories, but for Mr. Bond, there’s nothing more valuable than his secrets. Available here.Bote Secrets by Joseph Dirand for Puiforcat (Photo courtesy of Puiforcat).