Change at EU as Tusk, Juncker bow out

2020-02-27 02:17:47    阅读:650184

European Council President Donald Tus四二结对落花红打一肖 k has handed over the reins to his successor Charles Michel, as the European Union completes a change of leadership following EU-wide elections in May. "Europe is the best place on earth, at least as long as it remains a continent of freedom and rule of law ... inhabited by a community aware of its history and culture," Tusk said, before symbolically hand

ing Michel the bell used at summits to call

EU leaders to order. "Im sure you, dear Charles, will use all your talents and virtues to maintain our unity," he added. Mi

chel, who recently stepped down as Belgian prime minister, said he would take a "common-sense approach to problem-solving with innovation and efficiency". He stressed the green economy as a priority, while noting that Europe should be more assertive on the world stage. "In the medium to long term, there is a risk o

f a new Cold War between the United States and China,"; Michel said earlier, in an interview with Italys La Stampa and other

European newspapers published on Friday. "Europe risks becoming collateral dama

ge in this future conflict," he warned. Later on Friday, E

uropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is due to put in a final appear

ance before journalists in Brussels. Ursula von der Leyen, Germanys former defence minister, takes over at the helm of a new commission team on Sunday, when Michel also

formally succeeds Tusk. Australian Associated Press