Ashley Madison Has Almost No Active Female Users — Report

2020-02-27 02:48:05    阅读:445277

The large disparity in the

number of male and female accounts on the adultery website Ashley Madison is well-documented. But an analysis by Gizmodo of the massive data dump released by people who allegedly hacked the companys website shows the numbe

r of active female users is absolutely miniscule.   Ashley Madison has about 31 million male accounts a

nd 5.5 million female accounts. But the overwhelming

majority of those female a

ccounts appear to be bots, fakes, or inactive accounts that were hardly used in the first place, the report says. Gizmodo香港一中特马 found that only about 1,500 of the female users had ever checked their messages on the site, while only 2,400 had ever chatted on the site, and only 9,700 had ever replied to a mess

age.  Hacker

s first threatened

to release personal information about Ashley Madison users in July, and then proceeded with a ma

ssive data dump earlier this month. Ashley Madison is

now facing several lawsuits from seve

ral former users who say the website knew about the security vulnerabilities in its systems. Contac

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