CNNs Jason Carroll Gets in Snowball Fight With Columbia Students

2020-02-27 07:41:29    阅读:480291

Hit him with your best shot. (CNN)He

fought the good fight.CNN anchor Jason Carroll had no idea what he was getting into when he was dispatched to cover the Polar Vortexat Columbia University on Tuesday night.Schools across the East Coast were cancelled because of Winter Storm Janus and the uptown Ivy League campus was no exception.At Columbia, tradition has it that after every big storm, hundreds of students gather in Low Plaza for a big ole’ snowball fight. Mr. Carroll tried to keep his cool during the melee, but was quickly pummeled by seemingly drunken students as they stumbled around in celebration.Anchor Jason Carroll reports from Columbia University’s Low Plaza while Anderson Cooper chuckles at the scene.Co-ed after co-ed sprayed snow on the reporter and his cameraman, apparently to the delight of Anderson Cooper, who

had a good laugh at Mr. Carroll’s expense. Eventually,跑狗图新一代跑狗论坛官网 Mr. Carroll lost his composure and decided to fight back. “I

need defe

nse out here,

” he shouted as the segment ended.Perhaps the school should think about updating their mascot to the snow lion?